Post by Felicity Whelan, Managing Director – GLUE Content

After a few years of incremental success, video has well and truly hit its stride, and is experiencing success like never before. While it’s all well and good to recognise that the medium is performing exceptionally well across the World Wide Web, it is also worth diving a little deeper to examine just what made it so popular in the first place with the average consumer and business decision maker. We started off with the first two reasons over here and finishing up strong with the final two below.

  1. Video is portable and viewable on anything

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In an over-stimulated tech-heavy world like ours, sometimes the smallest errors can have a long-lasting effect on your brand and conversion rates. For example, having a website is fantastic, but not making it mobile-compatible? Big no-no. Unless you operate in an incredibly niche market, if people can’t read about you on the tram, they are going to look elsewhere.

This emphasis on responsive design also carries across into video, as content is (or should be) fit for all devices, including laptops, desktops, tablets and phones. This makes it accessible, expands the potential reach and is incredibly user-friendly. What’s more, with the rise in data-heavy mobile plans, consumers are no longer wary about using their data while on the move, allowing video to be consumed wherever and whenever.

  1. Video spreads like glandular fever – it can go viral


Speaking of viral – this Ed Sheeran video has had over 600 million views so far. 

Video is the most share-friendly content on the market. With a quick link copy in an email or tag on social media, a whole new audience is exposed to what’s on offer, no formatting required.

The people have embraced this, with 92% of mobile video consumers sharing them with other people. To place that stat within the wider media landscape, American marketing business Diode Digital [] found that video is shared 1200% more than links and text combined, and 60% of consumers will engage in video before text.

So just how do you take advantage of these outstanding numbers? Make your video count. Pop as much information in as possible (preferably visually) and make it accessible across all media – the online following should be yours for the taking. 

To find out more about the reasons for video’s ongoing success, don’t forget to check out Part One. In the meantime, do you need help telling a story for your next video production in Melbourne? We are a Video Content Digital Agency in Melbourne that specialise in producing great video content and animations that will set your brand or company apart. Get in touch today!