Post by Felicity Whelan, Managing Director – GLUE Content

Do you need some juicy video marketing statistics or some hardcore science to help get your video marketing budget increased? Then be warned, the below may make you a bit giddy inside.

According to Brightcove, in 2016, social video content production generated 1200% more shares than text and images combined. Yes COMBINED. Furthermore, Aberdeen confirmed companies using corporate video content enjoyed 41% more web traffic from online searches than non-video content users.


Your brain is hardwired to like certain types of content. Visuals are more engaging and work faster than words, making video content production a perfect medium to engage your audience.  90% of the information we take in comes to us through the eyes. It takes the human brain about a quarter of a second to process and attach meaning to any symbol.


By comparison it takes us an average of 6 seconds to read 20-25 words.picture2Getting hot under the video marketing statistic collar yet? Let’s keep going.

Google recently revealed ‘How-to’ searches are continually up 70% year-on-year and Emarketer found 4x as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.

This is because our brains tend to recall things visually.

For example, where are the knives and forks in your kitchen right now? Chances are you recalled this information by mentally ‘looking’ around your own kitchen. You may have seen the kitchen draws with your cutlery inside, rather than creating a mental bullet list of the items. We can’t fight it, our brains like to store and recall images.

More? Ok.

2016 in America saw 8061 years of Youtube video content production being watched EVERY DAY and 40% of consumers state that video content production increases the chance they will purchase a product on their mobile device alone! (Adobe).

Video content produces more conversions than any other form of content (Vidyard) and companies using video content production as a marketing tool started to attract more millennials to their sites. (Animoto)


How is this possible?

Marketers are beginning to use video production as a tool to tell stories and this is where the key is.

The brain instantly engages with stories, as reflected in our daily conversations, where stories make up nearly two thirds of our interactions. Stories are also far easier for the brain to recall.

The reason video production is one of the best means to convey a story is because each video uses a combination of visuals, colour, music and sounds to stir emotion and drive engagement.

Creating an emotional connection can have a big impact and people are more likely to relate and react to your message when you engage them on a human level.

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Flick-blog-picFelicity has a decade of experience working as a presenter, host, MC, producer and content strategist. She’s worked both in front of and behind the camera for Fox FM, Triple M, Channel 9’s Today Show and Network Ten. She is now the founder and Director of GLUE Content and delivers video content for major corporates, creative agencies and sport brands. At the forefront of content development Felicity’s knowledge gives her an edge when it comes to driving engagement. Whether using the power of content to engage fans in sporting stadiums or innovating new ways for corporates to induct and train staff, Felicity is looking to the future and evolution of content by using the power of video to engage the next generation. 

Cover photo: Rachel Banks