Post by Felicity Whelan, Managing Director – GLUE Content

Should you outsource your content creation?

As consumers demand digital video content to be present on their favourite brands socials, it has become increasingly difficult for internal teams to consistently produce unique, quality content that cuts-through and is on-brand. 

If you’re debating whether you should outsource your content creation over stressing internal resources, here are some pros and cons of each situation to make the best decision for your investment.

  1. Save Money On Employee Wages


Building an internal digital production team in Melbourne can be expensive. Talented animators, editors, videographers, content strategists and designers cost a pretty penny and hiring an all rounder will start to compromise content quality.

The bottom line is, outsourcing saves you money. When you hire a reputable video content agency to create the content for your marketing plan, you allow yourself to be more flexible with your budget and your content marketing calendar.

In addition, hiring employees to cater for busy cycles in the year results in employees sitting idle (while still costing you money) during off peak periods. When things get busy, hiring an external video content agency to handle your content saves on the cost and hassle of part-time or seasonal employees.

Even better, saving money by outsourcing unique content creation means more money to put towards other important projects and business objectives.

  1. Save Time With Fast Turnarounds.


Outsourcing saves you time. The best content agencies deliver high-quality work in a relatively short amount of time. Consider how much time outsourcing some of your work would save you and how much more you could get done in a day.

  1. Take Advantage Of Others’ Expertise.


Outsourcing, as opposed to hiring an internal all-rounder allows you to access a team of experts in each individual area of video content production. From content strategists, producers, motion graphic designers, animators, editors, copywriters, drone pilots etc they are a collective group of experts that have the knowledge and abilities that you and your team do not necessarily have.

  1. Maintain Your Enthusiasm


By outsourcing some or all of your digital content creation needs, you can keep your passion and enthusiasm about your company and conserve your energy for other projects. At the same time, a digital agency injects that same passion and excitement into the content they create for you, so both you and your customers can be excited about what you do.

  1. Get Better Results For Your Investment.


Outsourcing content creation helps you get more traffic, more engaged audiences and more leads.

A high-quality video content agency are skilled at getting the kinds of results you need your content marketing strategy to deliver helping you get more bang for your content buck.

  1. Introduce Best Practices, Standardisation and Consistency.


Outsourcing content creation helps you maintain a high level of quality. Several quality checks, revisions, suggestions, and strict adherence to your company style guide mean your outsourced content will be effective and perfectly matched to your business.

  1. Strengthen Your Content Marketing Strategy.


Outsourcing to a reputable digital or video content agency in Melbourne can dramatically improve your content marketing strategy, and even help you create one if you haven’t yet. Being in the business of creating effective unique content, they know to help you get the best results.

If you don’t have a content marketing plan yet, a digital content agency can help you understand the basics and implement the most important techniques. If you do have a content strategy, discussing it with professional content creators can help you make sure your content is as effective as possible.

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Flick-blog-picFelicity has a decade of experience working as a presenter, host, MC, producer and content strategist. She’s worked both in front of and behind the camera for Fox FM, Triple M, Channel 9’s Today Show and Network Ten. She is now the founder and Director of GLUE Content and delivers video content for major corporates, creative agencies and sport brands. At the forefront of content development Felicity’s knowledge gives her an edge when it comes to driving engagement. Whether using the power of content to engage fans in sporting stadiums or innovating new ways for corporates to induct and train staff, Felicity is looking to the future and evolution of content by using the power of video to engage the next generation.