We’ve all heard about using video as part of our marketing strategies, but have we heard of social video marketing? The reasons why videos go viral is because of the constant sharing, tweeting, commenting and liking of the content. If we can encourage our audience to share, our content is more likely to spread like wild fire! We are sharing our secrets on three ways you can propel your brand using social video marketing. Here are our 3 ways!

  1. Pull on the heart strings!

Studies have shown that emotional connections can build loyalty and influence purchasing decisions. Psychology today reported that MRI scans of peoples brains light up when they tap into their emotions while making purchasing decisions. People were more likely to purchase a product when there was an emotional response connected to it. 

Creating a video that truly harnesses the power of emotions can be the icing on the cake!

A good example of this is the Extra Gum’s commercial where a man draws on a gum wrapper every time he has a ‘moment’ with his girlfriend and then creates an exhibition to show her. Real tear jerker that one! However, the main point is that it associates their product, the gum, with special moments in peoples lives. And that is what people buy! Have a watch of the video, and see if this one pulls at your heartstrings.

Extra Gum – The Story of Sarah & Juan 


 2. Gain trust with your audience

The word ‘branding’ has many connotations in the marketing world, but here’s one way to look at it – don’t force it down your customers throats! As marketers, we should aim to illicit a maximum emotional response while maintaining intrigue and composure!

A great example of how fostering trust between your company and its consumers is the ‘Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty’. The video series asks a handful of people to describe themselves to a sketch artist before they turn to reveal themselves. The exercise brought to light the epidemic of low self-esteem and provides an emotional message of how to love yourself. The only branding was a small logo & slogan at the end of the video. Despite this minimal branding, the audience were able to connect and associate their bar of Dove soap with taking care of themselves.

What do you think? Would you trust this brand?

DOVE – Real Beauty Sketches 


3. Emotions lead to conversations 

Conversations are like gold for social media marketers. If you can spark a conversation then you are well on your way to becoming a widely known brand.

Take for example, the campaign by TAC Australia that displayed very vivid and graphic images of the result of accidents caused by drink driving. Conversations both socially and digitally started to erupt everywhere!

Watch if you will, note there are disturbing images in this video. 

TAC – Drink Drive. 12 Days of Christmas.

You don’t have to be a very well know brand to benefit from the power of social video. Do the research and develop an understanding of your brand and message and then make sure in translates in video!