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The list of the top 20 ads of 2015 is finally here! The viral marketing company Unruly has canvassed the global ad market in search for the most compelling videos based on their shareability!

Unruly looked for how many shares the videos had on social media platforms, which in turn measured the conversations surrounding them. This is what we call the ‘virality’ of the video.

One thing stands to be true, one of the key drivers to video shareability is emotional intensity! Unruly have been collecting data on video consumption and sharing patterns since early 2006 and they have noticed that the best videos always seem to be the ones that pull on the heart strings, whether it is sad or happy.

“From the joy you feel when your pup welcomes you home to nostalgic memories of your childhood pet, animals can tap into a wide range of emotions that have broad appeal. By placing the focus on friendship and shared experiences, advertisers in 2015 have successfully used dogs, cats and other furry friends to provoke strong feelings of warmth and well-being.”

Information collected between 1st January 2015 and 16th November 2015.

1. Google Android – Friends Furever
The ad was shared 6,432,921 times across popular social media platforms including

Facebook, Twitter and blogs since its February launch.


2. Disney – Disney Characters have fun with Shoppers

Disney is renowned for its ability to bring a tear to the eye and deliver heartwarming messages and this campaign was no exception! Disney characters pretended to be the shadows of shoppers passing by. No surprise it was shared 3,943,997 times and counting.

3. Purina – Man’s best friend

This man finds a puppy and that’s all she wrote! Shared over 3 million times! Who can resist so much cuteness in one video?

4. Roc by Ronaldo/Monster – Cristiano Ronaldo – Loco!
Who knew one of the best footballers in the world was such a prankster? Shared 3 million times!

5. Budweiser – Superbowl Commercial – Puppy finds a friend!
Why is it that alcohol brands always know how to make their viewers say ‘Naaawwww’? This puppy finds an unusual friend and its love at first sight! Shared over 2.5 million times

6. Ad Council – ‘Love has no labels’

Skeletons, kissing, mysterious pairings and a positive message…who could ask for anything more? Just beautiful! Shared 2,7743,140 times.

7. Zobra – Maya
Too beautiful to put into words! Click play please! Shared 2,634,706 times 

8. – Slap herSuch a positive message about children’s reactions when asked to slap a girl. There’s a lot to be said about the abuse of women and this video puts things into perspective! Shared 2.3 million times

9. Microsoft – Robert Downey Jr. – Bionic arm

We don’t know what could be better than having ‘Iron Man’ himself deliver a real life bionic arm to a child! This is the stuff made of dreams! WARNING – tears ahead

10. Kleenex – Unlikely Best Friends

Kleenex really gave you a reason to need a tissue! Message in on point for this one! Shared 2,027,213 times

11. Metlife – My dad’s story, dream for my child

The things parents do for their children! A sentiment to the struggles of everyday lives! Shared over 1.3 million times.

13. DC shoes – Robbie Maddison’s pipe dream
Extreme sports on adrenaline! Shared over 1 million times

14. Supercell – Clash of Clans: Revenge
Another amazing superbowl deliver… Liam Neeson…yes please!! Shared 1,005,673 times 

15. Red Nose Day – Coldplay’s Game of Thrones Musical
serious people, serious characters = barrels of laughter. Shared 1 million times 
16. Aididas – Create your own game
Inspiring, exciting and sexy! Shared 778,019 times

17. John Lewis – #Manonthemoon

Lets create an ad about a man on the moon and then lets hashtag it! brilliant! Shared 693,343 times

18. Adidas – Unfollow feat. Leo Messi
Need we say more? Shared 681,645 times 

19. Sainsburry’s – Mog’s Christmas Calamity

This cat brought to life by digital creators is everything to make your Christmas just wonderful! Shared 629,720 times

20. Adidas – Yesterday is Gone.
Adidas does it again! Shared 625,545 times 

Do we see a pattern here? Emotional intensity taking the form of tears, joy, happiness, excitement and value! This is how its down people!


Felicity Whelan

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