Pretty sure most businesses want one thing: to attract more business of course! And guess what…videos can do just that!


“We’ve got personality, personality”…you know the tune! People tend to be loyal to those they trust and what better way of gaining that trust than to show them your true colours… through video! It’s quick, visual and can be used in a heap of ways.

These are a few tricks we have up our sleeves!

1. Video bio: no more words here!

Videos don’t always have to be masterpieces. We aren’t going for Quentin Tarantino here. As long as they tell a story and is relevant to your brand then you’ve pretty much got it! Keep it personal and show as much as you can; pictures of your staff, behind-the-scenes access, associations and funny moments. Create a compelling story that is genuine and to to the point. In this sense you are showing them who you are rather than telling them!

2. Remember testimonials?

No longer are the days where we ask our customers to write a testimonial. Instead why don’t we video them? Make it easy for them by taking a quick video on the spot. The best thing is that customers are more likely to share a video with them ‘starring’ in it so you can get even further with your brand awareness! Keep it simple and ask the right questions in the interview!

3. Everyone wants to go viral!

Many believe that going viral has something to do with the ‘luck of the Gods’, but there are aspects you can at least include that creates the best possibility for becoming a viral superstar.

Use a well know platform such as YouTube (of course) and try to think of a way to incorporate things that people already love but with your own spin! This way they can relate to your content, but will see a fun and interesting side. Hone in on the trigger or desire to share everything and no we don’t mean ‘click bait’. Make it original and genuinely interesting!

Also, remember people don’t relate to brands, they relate to people, so share your story and put a voice behind it so that you can speak directly to your targeted audience. If you follow these simple steps, you’ll be on your way to video superstardom in no time! Sharing is caring!

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