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The digital world is forever changing. New social media applications and features are constantly flooding the market and businesses are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding which feature will fit into their marketing strategy. Having said that, there are a number of brands that are killing it when it comes to Instagram videos. Whether you are looking for inspiration or looking for tips on how to make Instagram videos, you can definitely learn a thing or two from these brands.

Today Show

Proposal on the plaza! #TODAYplaza #HunterTODAY #TODAYshow

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In this video, the Today Show makes full use of user-generated content as they post a recording of a couple getting engaged while standing next to their host, Al Roker. The main takeaway here is that a video doesn’t have to be filmed perfectly. It just has to tell a story!

Ben & Jerry’s

Everyone loves looking at videos of gooey chocolate ice cream and food porn (you know you do, don’t lie) and Ben & Jerry’s takes the cake when it comes to food videos! The best thing about this is that it gives a behind-the-scenes look at the production process, which is something that is rarely ever seen.



‘How to’ videos are also great for inbound marketing and using a technique like stop- motion video could give your company that creative edge. Intel created this video to show viewers how to make a DIY Ultrabook case out of a sweatshirt! Useful and fun!!



Being backstage at a Spring / Summer ‘ready to wear’ fashion show of a leading brand is something we could only hope for and Burberry does a smashing job of letting us in! They have compiled a bunch of little snippets showcasing the locations, models, decorations and backstage chaos of their fashion shows giving viewers a ‘all-access-area’ experience from their device. Again, behind-the-scenes is where its at!



Showing a brand’s personality is also important. This video is just a simple drawing of a crossword puzzle with a snippet of a pair of jeans and yet it still conveys Gap’s branding creativity. Sometimes thinking outside the box can give your social media pursuits that extra oomph in engaging your audience!

Our first #Instagram #video. Peace, love & social media.

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Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver’s trademark phrases like “shake it like a nutter” and “fairy fingers” usually stick in the heads of his viewers and that’s the kinds of ‘gems’ you want to include in your videos. Letting your personality shine is key! Don’t be afraid to let your kinks and quirks be centre stage! It makes the jobs of inbound marketers a hell-of-a lot easier!


Victoria Secret

It’s nice when brands try different things! Like putting a pair of knickers in a shot without a model! OMG that should be sacrilege, but no…its just a different perspective! Placing emphasis on the product without the glam might just be a new thing! who knew?? Take note people!

Summertime and the options are endless… #VSSwim

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Red Bull & Burton Snowboards

And lastly, the extreme taste of Red Bull and Burton Snowboards! Their videos ignite a sense of passion and adventure in their viewers. You can feel the energy pulsating off your small mobile screen and this is what is all about! Steer away from the traditional idea of an advertisement and focus on who you are and what you stand for! These are the things that people want to follow!


So as you can see, its all about using simple video techniques to ‘tell a story’ and giving your viewers a little sneak peek into the world of your brand and company. Remember to be you, let the personality shine and invite your viewers into your world.

Felicity Whelan

Flick-blog-picFelicity has a decade of experience working as a presenter, host, MC, producer and content strategist. She’s worked both in front of and behind the camera for Fox FM, Triple M, Channel 9’s Today Show and Network Ten. She is now the founder and Director of GLUE Content and delivers video content for major corporates, creative agencies and sport brands. At the forefront of content development Felicity’s knowledge gives her an edge when it comes to driving engagement. Whether using the power of content to engage fans in sporting stadiums or innovating new ways for corporates to induct and train staff, Felicity is looking to the future and evolution of content by using the power of video to engage the next generation.