No matter how creative your short videos are, how you distribute them is just as important! Marketers often toss up between Instagram and Vine, but which one should we use? Lets have a look and see which one we prefer!

Instagram has more time:
One of the key benefits of Instagram is that there is 15 seconds to work with as opposed to the 6 seconds you get with Vine! Creating a meaningful message is hard as is let alone having to do it in 6 seconds, so the added time can be a great asset to your campaign. Remember, useful and creative content is key so use the time wisely!

Facebook owns Instagram, whereas Twitter owns Vine:
There’s no denying that Facebook has some serious clout with over 1.4 billion active users a month and compared to Twitters 232 million, we don’t need to tell you which one has serious potential.

Filters Galore:
For those of you who are ‘filter-holics’ that can’t withstand the temptation of using the ‘Crema’ filter, Instagram is definitely for you! Usually used for pictures, Instagram now allows you to whack on a filter for your videos. Vine has yet to satisfy this addiction, but its ok Instagram’s got this!

Instagram has more users:
There are 300 million users on Instagram and only 40 million on Vine. No explanation needed! Not to mention, after Instagram introduced the video feature, Vine’s growth slowly declined! In a recent study 86% of buyers expressed some level of desire to access interactive/visual content on demand and Instagram was the first platform of choice.

Before we toss out Vine completely, some Vine videos are amazing as it forces its users to be creative in only 6 seconds. The results can be quite impressive and at the end of the day its about what works for you as a brand. How do you want to portray who you are? What tools and platforms are going to be best for your audience? And, What are you trying to achieve? These are the questions you want to ask yourself when deciding how to distribute your content.

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