Post by Felicity Whelan, Managing Director – GLUE Content

We know the digital world is changing fast and the way we consume information has evolved rapidly. Everywhere we you look people are plugged in, switched on and looking down. We could complain about this saying we’re all becoming zombies or that we’ve become anti-social but in fact people are still being social it’s just they are choosing who to be social with and in what way. Their world is online, and it’s alive and colourful and engaging.

We know when watching video the human brains comes alive. It’s stimulated by light, colour, movement and sound, which evokes emotion, feelings and physical reactions from the viewer.

This is the reason it’s so astounding to us that so many large corporations are still using traditional boring power point presentations to induct their talent manually. Or worse, running costly day long training sessions to up skill their staff. The people in the room are often disengaged, stressed out by what they are missing out on back in the office or just plain bored. For companies who have offices in multiple locations, regionally, interstate or globally, the cost to the bottom line to have someone physically inducting and training their workforce in each location is huge. Similarly to have someone fly around to each site or location is also costly.

At Glue Content we saw it as our mission to help bring corporations of all sizes into the now by taking their manual induction and training online. We work with out experts to build the training and induction system where the videos a housed. New starters or employees selected for training and development, are sent an email with a link to a module. From here they watch a series of engaging videos, answer questions and complete activities that are specifically tailored to be relevant to their role, location and management level. At the end of the video their data is collected and used by HR and their managers as a tool to best manage their people.

Once complete the organisation can rest assured that the staff member is fully compliant and a record of their training has been stored in the system for reference.

And best of all the online video induction and training system means the person can complete the modules in their own time and around their current workload.

With the millennium generation starting to enter the workforce it is becoming critical to engage and retain good talent by delivering information in the most appropriate way for them.

Let us take your manual induction, your traditional classroom based training or OH&S sessions and turn them into online, interactive, engaging video content modules that keep your people engaged.

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Flick-blog-picFelicity has a decade of experience working as a presenter, host, MC, producer and content strategist. She’s worked both in front of and behind the camera for Fox FM, Triple M, Channel 9’s Today Show and Network Ten. She is now the founder and Director of GLUE Content and delivers video content for major corporates, creative agencies and sport brands. At the forefront of content development Felicity’s knowledge gives her an edge when it comes to driving engagement. Whether using the power of content to engage fans in sporting stadiums or innovating new ways for corporates to induct and train staff, Felicity is looking to the future and evolution of content by using the power of video to engage the next generation.